May 2020

Fugue Cirisia by Kjell Karlsson

Fugue Cirisia by Kjell Karlsson
Fuge Against Cancer
Composer: Kjell Karlsson
Fugue Cirisia by Kjell Karlsson

Cancer Compose Music Therapy

Welcome to my website and blog. As an ordinary Swedish citizen, I was greeted in the year 2018 with two cancer diagnoses. Medical investigation revealed renal pelvis cancer; presenting at the same time, the discovery of bladder cancer. In addition to this, I have had strong visual impairment since 1985 and have had 4 guide dogs. In 2010 my hearing was greatly reduced, with both my eardrums failing due to a virus. In 2019 I had the competitive effects of cell poison treatment; 2 new diagnoses — gout and rheumatic muscle inflammation. Now I feel better and do not need to sit in a wheelchair. I use a walker to get around and have trained hard with physiotherapy.

This is a little background on my life, making you slightly aware of the cancer, but above all to familiarize you with my great hobby of composing music.

Since 1985 I have had a small music studio where I am create music. This is a hobby that served well as excellent therapy when i had cancer. It has truly rescued me and gives joy to life.

So, welcome! Join me on my trip I have named, “Cancer Create Music Therapy”. Here you can enjoy a classic composition I’ve created with challenges. This is the result of an attempt to make a fugue entitled, Fugue Cirisia by Kjell Karlsson

Arcoíris de mi Vida by Newman – Karlsson – Hernandez

Arcoíris de mi Vida — Spanish — Rainbow of my Life Pintaré tu Cuerpo —Original Spanish Title
by Bonnie Nadine Newman Kjell Karlsson and Juan Guadalupe Hernandez
Mr. Karlsson: Instrumentals, Composition and Master Engineering
Ms. Newman: Lyrics and Vocals
Mr. Hernandez: Lyrics This song began as a Spanish poem by Juan Guadalupe Hernandez of Tampico Mexico
The poem was interpreted to English by Ms. Newman English lyrics were created by Ms. Newman Whereupon Spanish lyrics were recreated by Mr. Hernandez