Pop Jam Backing Tracks

Are you a musician who is interested in pop music, especially when it comes to breaking out your instrument and playing few chords.  Do you want to have a great jam session, but you don’t have other musicians to play with? Then check out my music site, datamusic.org, for my completely free jam tracks and backing track for your next pop music practice session.

What are jam backing tracks.  How did I come up with the idea. Why am I giving away jam backing tracks for free. Jam backing tracks are musical tracks that are pre recorded and played during a music practice session to replace live musicians. Back in 1985, my vision became impaired. While searching for an hobby to occupy my free time, I decided to take up an instrument and focus on music playing. However, I had one problem: I didn’t have other musicians to practice my music with. Whenever I would get the urge to play a jam session, I would quickly get discouraged.

After a while, I came up with the idea to record my own music and simply play it back when I wanted to practice and better my music skills. I then decided to share my jam tracks with other musicians who have a passion to play music, but they have no one to play it with. I currently have my own home studio where I sit and compose special jam backing tracks for everyone to use.

I have several different types of backing tracks, but if pop music is your thing, I have plenty to offer. My pop tracks are easy to listen to and play along with, and I have many styles of pop music to play along with. All of my tracks are 100% original and completely suitable for all of your pop jam session needs. So the next time you are ready to grab your instrument and play out a pop medley, try my free pop music backing tracks.