Kingdom Fuge Against Cancer

Kingdom Fuge Against Cancer
Composer Kjell Karlsson Sweden

Cancer Compose Music Therapy

Welcome to my website and blog. As an ordinary Swedish citizen, I was greeted in the year 2018 with two cancer diagnoses. Medical investigation revealed renal pelvis cancer; presenting at the same time, the discovery of bladder cancer. In addition to this, I have had strong visual impairment since 1985 and have had 4 guide dogs. In 2010 my hearing was greatly reduced, with both my eardrums failing due to a virus. In 2019 I had the competitive effects of cell poison treatment; 2 new diagnoses — gout and rheumatic muscle inflammation. Now I feel better and do not need to sit in a wheelchair. I use a walker to get around and have trained hard with physiotherapy.

This is a little background on my life, making you slightly aware of the cancer, but above all to familiarize you with my great hobby of composing music.

Since 1985 I have had a small music studio where I am create music. This is a hobby that served well as excellent therapy when i had cancer. It has truly rescued me and gives joy to life.

So, welcome! Join me on my trip I have named, “Cancer Create Music Therapy”. Here you can enjoy a classic composition I’ve created with challenges. This is the result of an attempt to make a fugue entitled, “The Kingdom”