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Free Jazz Backing Tracks

Jazz is a complex form of music that has been around for over 100 years. It is in a category all of its own and stands out from other music genres because of its lack of sheet music and it’s spontaneity, it is not about the song being played but more so, the way it is played. It can somewhat be described as performing and composing simultaneously. Jazz music is an art of expression through instruments and because of the way it is spontaneously composed or made up on the spot, the same tune will never be played the exact way twice. Improvisation has been said to be the key element in jazz because it allows the musician freedom within the tune to create their own interpretations and use their own imaginations. Talking with instruments is how jazz has been referred to, due to the feelings and emotions put into making the music. You have to feel jazz in order to truly understand and appreciate the craft.

For a jazz musician, new elements and moods are created to any song, where a slow ballad can become a fast ballad and a fast ballad can become slow, it is still the same song but the musician is interpretating it in his or her own way and that is jazz. Rather than just the basic sound of the instruments themselves, jazz musicians strive to develop a sound that is all their own, something that sets them apart from others. Though jazz is based on individual expression and ever-changing tunes to match your current mood, listeners can overtime learn the styles of the musicians they are listening to and therefore will know their music when hearing it.

Jazz music is composed of three sections: rhythm, horn, and saxophone. The rhythm section, which consists of percussion instruments, double bass or bass guitar and a piano or guitar. The horn section, which consists of wind and brass instruments such as 4-5 trumpets, 5-6 woodwind instruments(usually saxophones who occasionally double on clarinets and flutes), and 3-4 trombones. The saxophone section consists of all the saxophones playing the same melodic line with the baritone saxophone occasionally joining in to play the bass line. When all these instruments come together, they create beautiful, soulful, non duplicated jazz tunes for everyone to enjoy. No one person can truly give a definition of what jazz music is as a whole, largely due to the fact that it’s on an emotional level. Everyone feels their own personal emotions towards jazz, whether it be a history, love, freedom, beauty, or just life itself, jazz touches souls individually. It’s all about the moment and living in that moment.

With that being said, kjellsweb.com offers you jazz music created and copyrighted by the site owner Kjell, giving site visitors and fellow music lovers the opportunity to free steam, practice and jam to this genre of music. You can let your imagination flow and create your own personal freedom through the free styling of true and pure jazz.