Westerly Gaze

Westerly Gaze
DONE AND DONE! Thanks sooooo much to everyone involved and Kjell appreciates all the well-wishers! He’s bummed out because he can’t get to his studio but has heard and likes our song! 🙂 KUDO’S AND HEART-FELT THANKS TO ALL YOU PLAYA’S:

Kjell – The reason this song exists. When I heard this tune and checked out Kjell (as I am prone to do before writing for someone), I knew I wanted to be a part of this. A man of courage and dedication to his craft, a true professional! Damn near EVERY BIT of this music is his creation. Struggling with severely impaired hearing and sight with 2 cancers and you create THIS! Let me know when you’re ready to come back, buddy, I’ll write for you ANYTIME!

Kari – Ahhhhh… I found paradise in the Pacific!!! How lucky did I get here?! You took my lame sing track with terrible inflection, not to mention my voice, and interpreted this piece beautifully… made it your own. 🙂 Your voice was built for poetry… please sing for me anytime! 🙂

Mike – The only other musical contributor. We have worked together on “another site” on several projects, all jammin’ tunes (hint, hint, Kari 🙂  ). Your lead licks are as sharp and creative as your wit, Ekim! 🙂 Fifteen seconds of critical mood once again interpreted better than I could have imagined! Not bad for a rock guy, huh?

“JustVera” – I’m working with jv on a very special, spoken word/singing track that this technician/musician is making into a technical masterpiece! I can’t believe how good this thing sounds already! I knew this pro was the “Master” I needed to do Kjell right!



“Westerly Gaze” is about this journey I have undertaken to fulfill my destiny and establish my legacy in this human zoo. Arizona lit a fire in my soul motivation had never felt before! 40 years of emotion and experiences began pouring out of me. Left a career rife with politics and social clicks… never fit in anyway. Now work in a warehouse free from petty mental and emotional distraction and can free my thoughts: solace worth the price

It`s all pointing back out west for me… the desert’s calling… .

Hello, my name is John Heavern (Deeptrope), from Charlotte, NC, USA, lyricist for the project. Unfortunately, Kjell has too many medical issues at this time and asked me to assume management of his project for now. I promise to do everything in my power to do his creation justice.

Thanks so much, John